So, you want to know about me! I am a momma, wife and of course photographer! It is best to know I have experience in many forms and types of photography. Weddings, Events, Families, Newborns, Children, Pets, Food, Sports, Nature, and Real Estate! Some may say it is better to focus on one....Maybe, it is but..... that's boring and....I'm not boring!

I believe it is important for you to know I strive to capture the personality in people, not the perfect dramatic pose for the cover of Vogue magazine. But lets face it! Its so much fun to do in a wedding dress! Am I right? I also strive to capture the light and subject just as one sees it in that moment. I don't use heavy filters to paint a dream scape in pictures. I believe there is still beauty on a cloudy day!

My 1st big gig photographing was the 2011 PGA Championships for the Atlanta Athletic Club, but that was not my start. I have had a passion for taking pictures, and had been selling art for years prior to that enormous event! I studied photography at the Ernest G Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University. There I learned my true passion in photography was film. I freaking LOVE working with film! Ad since updating my site I have revived some of my antique cameras and hope to soon offer the experience of antique film to others!